About The Brand

While the simple answer is we are “A Premium Mens Beachwear brand, founded in Ibiza, Spain in 2010″, we hope you might be a bit more interested in what make us tick. The following peels back the layers a bit and hopefully gives you a little look “under the hood” to see where we come from and how we go about our business here at “Syd & Rex”.

Our Brand Premise: We believe there is room for a mens brand that embraces a simpler premise. Less about “churn and burn” fashion and more about a longer term relationship. We believe quality and value are “remembered long after the price is forgotten”. That the best form of growth is through happy customers talking about us and sharing their experience. Our goal is make clothes and accessories that hopefully connect you to the uniqueness of Ibiza, and its chilled out “state of mind”.

Our Essence: “Less is More” is a phrase often used but in this fast paced modern day world it tends to have lost its meaning. We tend to see everything around us getting faster, busier, bigger – more complicated. The speed at which life is “updated” is quite mind numbing.This simple premise really was a major driving factor in creating “Syd & Rex”. Create a brand that is simple to understand, is easy to embrace and not difficult to relate to.

Our Mindset: Our brand has been created, and is managed on the old fashioned basis of respect. Respect for our partners, our customers, the environment and most importantly each other. This is a marathon not a sprint and we want to be remembered for all the right reasons in years to come.

Our Individuality: In grounding and building our brand in Ibiza we hope that the unique essence of this island and it’s history of embracing individuality will provide an aspect to our brand that gives it a unique personal connection. We believe that by embracing diversity and individuality the world is just a more interesting place to live.

Our Customer: Around the world we see men turning their back on the media driven perceived “right way” to perceived happiness. Shifting the focus from 80 hour work weeks with success measured by money and material possessions and redirecting their focus on living a life that they want to live, not the one they have been told they had to. On focussing energy on being a better father, a better partner, a better son or just simply a better person. We believe that our customer has got more important and interesting things to worry about than “buying clothes or deciding what to wear” and we hope we can make the process a little simpler by presenting a less complicated approach to mens “fashion”.